Feel Good While You Travel

July 22, 2023

I have always loved to travel. In my early twenties I would stuff a few cute outfits into a backpack or carry-on size suitcase and go all over the world. I rarely, if ever, had to check a bag back in the day! Cut to my late thirties where I started traveling with a humidifier and a bag dedicated solely to wellness products. 😆While aging has certainly been a part of this shift, I also think that the years of experience under my belt have helped to guide me in doing what feels best for my body when I travel. 

I’ve compiled a list of products and activities that help me enjoy my trips to the fullest, which I’m sharing with you below. Take a look and let me know if I’m missing anything that has worked well for you! 


This little cocktail of wellness products helps me to be able to enjoy an actual cocktail if I want to, and have enough energy for a workout, exploring, and kid-wrangling throughout the day!

  1. LMNT electrolyte drink packets - throw one of these in your water bottle while you are traveling to stay hydrated on the go! They are also great for workouts and maybe a morning where you wake up a little hungover 😉. My favorite flavor is Mango Chile 
  2. Humidifier - if I’m going anywhere dry (high altitude or the desert for example) I will 100% bring my humidifier, maybe more than one if I have room in the car. I like the Canopy humidifier because it doubles as a diffuser so you can hydrate your new space while also diffusing essential oils. 
  3. Charcoal Pills - I typically don’t eat my regular diet when I’m traveling and have found that I need some detoxification while I’m on the go. Charcoal supplements taken right before bed have helped me when I’ve overindulged in food and beverage for sure! 
  4. Blackout Eye Mask - if you like to sleep in darkness and don’t know if that’ll be available where you’re headed, I highly recommend bringing an eye mask. Sometimes I use it for meditation as well
  5. Travel Sound Machine - I’ve used one of these to drown out all kinds of random noise from parties to TV’s to my kids 😉
  6. AG1 Packets - When I start the day with one of these, I feel better about eating in places where I might not get as balanced of a meal as I would when cooking my own meals. They also help with occasional constipation, something many people suffer from while traveling. Athletic Greens has 75 essential vitamins and minerals in one convenient travel packet. Tip: add ice! It tastes much better 


I almost always bring a little food while traveling, otherwise I tend to make really poor choices or, probably an even worse choice, starve myself. Here are some of my favorites: 

  1. Mindright Bars - a pretty decent tasting bar comprised of all-natural brain boosting antioxidants, nootropics, and adaptogens formulated to support a happy and healthy mind
  2. Hard Boiled Eggs - you won’t be popular with your seat mates on the flight, but they will probably be jealous of your healthy protein source while they choke down pretzels and cookies! Maybe bring enough to share 🙂
  3. Collagen Packets - these make for an easy way to add protein to your morning and keep your hair, skin, and nails looking good on the go! 
  4. Mud Wtr - I don’t drink regular coffee so I bring my Mud Wtr tin with me in case there’s no decaf option. It also gives me energy, focus, and immune support, which is extra helpful on the road 
  5. Muffins - If I’m traveling with the whole family I try to make a batch of healthy muffins the night before we leave. I pack them up in a big ziplock baggie and we basically nibble on them the whole way to our destination. They’re a big hit with the kids and I’ve even had Uber drivers ask for one because they look and smell so good! 


Depending on how often you’re traveling, and your particular travel style (are you a sightseeing junkie or a give-me-a-hammock-and-a-book-all-day kinda person?), your actions and activities will vary. Mine have certainly shifted over the years and I’ve noticed that the more hectic my life at home is, the more I crave total relaxation on my trips. Oh, and if you’re traveling with kids, you’re of course having to take into account their schedules as well, but here’s what I’ve found helps me feel my best regardless of the destination and who I’m traveling with. 

  1. Get some daily movement in. If you are a workout junkie at home maybe you let go a little on your vacation and try walking, hiking, or swimming instead of searching for a Barry’s Bootcamp. You can always complement whatever you’re doing in the wild with a short class on the platform - something that will keep you feeling good but not take up a big part of your day
  2. Practice gratitude - if your travel is a vacation or a trip (because it’s not really considered a vacation if you’re traveling with young children is it 😜), it’s a great time to remind yourself what you’re grateful for. I find that when I’m outside of my normal routine I’m able to see things from a different perspective and open up new opportunities for gratitude. I use the Gratitude App, but you could also bring a journal with you, or whatever you use to write down your thoughts
  3. Rest - as you may have noticed from my list of products that I travel with, getting good sleep is at the top of my list of priorities when I’m traveling. I really try to make sure that I’m getting enough rest to not only enjoy my experience in real time, but also to come home feeling rejuvenated

I hope you found something (above) that helps you feel good and make the most out of your travels. And, if you have any amazing tips and tricks to share with me, please do! I’m here for it!

xx, Tenaya