Thrive Project

Thrive Project is a wellness platform designed to help you take your practice to the next level. Visit our Virtual Studio now to take a live or on-demand movement class, and stay tuned for wellness workshops and blog posts coming soon!



We Are Movement Co. We believe that we are all meant to move. We believe your workout should be a celebration of your body and not a punishment. We bring a big-sister energy to every class, offering support and encouragement, and sometimes a little push if it's needed. Most of our classes are designed for all levels, incorporating integrative tools and intelligent cuing. Our teachers bring a multi-disciplinary approach to their work, drawing from their expertise in Barre, Pilates, Dance, Cardio, Stretch, and Meditation. No two classes are alike, as we incorporate a broad spectrum of modalities, music, and choreography.

Class Formats

Barre Movement

You will sculpt and tone the body in this class using optional props such as ankle weights, light dumbbells, a small Pilates ball, and resistance bands. Most, or all, of class will be low impact and modifications are given throughout for injury and pregnancy. All levels welcome.

Pilates Movement

This class is a blend of flow, fire, and stretch. All you need is a mat and your bodyweight (or grab props if you'd like to take it up a notch). Each class is designed to challenge you both physically and mentally, while also supporting and celebrating where you are at right now. All levels welcome.

Cardio Movement

Sometimes we just need to sweat! Our cardio class turns up the intensity by incorporating elements of dance, plyometrics, barre, and Pilates. Show up ready to get your heart rate up and leave class feeling stronger, mobilized, and more clear-headed. All levels welcome.